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Zebra mini VPN


1. Return guarantee if not satisfied with our product within one month.

2. Unlimited Data usage unblocks all your restrictions.

3. Stable servers with high-speed fiber lines are ready for you 7/24.


Service is always there for every important business.

Lifetime Hardware Warranty

Zebra VPN Router / USB Dongle

-Lifetime warranty within subscription period (Man-made damage not included)

-Bind the device with a mobile phone number to initiate lifetime warranty

Smart Location Feature

Auto Two-Way Proxy

While staying in China, you can still use Line, Facebook, Google...etc.

If you're outside China, you can also enjoy the videos and music on Iqiyi, KuGou Music, MI Box, TMall TV Box...anything you want with unlimited data and 1080p HD Quality.

Perfect for those who love binge-watching TV shows -- you won't miss any latest TV dramas in China or Hollywood box office movies!

You can access China's internet resource when you're outside China.

Stable & Fast

Automatic updates for the firmware enhance your internet experience. No need to worry about internet disconnection.

Intelligent routing really comes in handy! No more slow loading screens while browsing Facebook or Youtube at the same time. Better than other VPN services.

Enjoy speedy VPN service with unlimited data.

Bind Your Device With App

Bind your Zebra VPN router with 5 individual mobile devices -- buy 1 and get 5 free! By download the official apps, you could connect your devices with the Zebra VPN app. Then, access the internet just one click away!


Connect to 5 Devices

Zebra VPN Router provides a Wi-Fi connection for up to 5 devices including mobile phone, tablet, and PC simultaneously. Don't worry about slowing down the network speed!

3 Connecting Methods

Apply to Ethernet, Wi-Fi, 4G dongle connections. Use VPN wherever you go.

Internet Security

Using unknown VPN apps might lead to data leakage, exposing your data to unknown government servers. Creating a personal VPN tunnel and direct all the data back home, is certainly a safer way to use VPN.


Zebra VPN is light-weight and in compact size, which saves the space in your suitcase. The additional case provides perfect protection as well. It is certainly an ideal fit for business trips.

Free After-Sales Service

Having problems using our products? Check our setup tutorials, or contact our online customer service for professional advice.


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Customer Testimonials

Unboxing & Testing

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